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Secberus launches industry’s only policy-first security enterprise governance platform on Reynen Court Solution Store

Secberus, the Miami-headquartered cloud cybersecurity software company, announces its partnership with Reynen Court, the fast-growing legal technology platform company. Secberus’ adaptable security platform is now listed in the Reynen Court Solution Store, the legal landscape’s definitive guide to technology solutions, which is a core component of the Reynen Court platform. The Solution Store is used by law firms and legal departments who want to accelerate adoption of best-in-class software applications in a secure on-premises or virtual private cloud environment.

Governance plays a vital role to the success of every stage of the enterprise cloud journey. It’s not only about your organization’s security posture. You also have to govern compliance, financial, operational and development postures. With Secberus, the Cloud Architect can deploy adaptable, context-aware policy-as-code to validate the controls across any IaaS/PaaS, IaC and/or CaC. And he or she can do it in real-time.

“As Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments move their computing infrastructures to virtual private clouds, their need to provide appropriate data security and compliance oversight continues,” said Lodewijk Bonebakker, Chief Operating & Security Officer at Reynen Court. “By employing a standards-based policy-driven approach, Secberus can lower breach risk for virtual private clouds and the applications deployed upon them. This is essential given the sensitive nature of data handled in the legal sector, and because of this we welcome Secberus to the Reynen Court ecosystem.”

Secberus provides a continuous-policy and risk assessment for your entire infrastructure. By focusing on policy-as-code, your organization gains a single source of truth. Couple this business-first approach with the fact that both CARTA and CAPA are enabled within the policy frameworks and you benefit by dramatically reducing your incidence of false-positives–one of the biggest challenges cyber security teams face today.

By adding Secberus to their Solution Store, Reynen Court is adding the opportunity for the legal industry to build, implement and scale cybersecurity with confidence and simplicity. Fausto Lendeborg, CEO at Secberus, says, “Every industry, every organization has the right for cybersecurity to propel business growth, not hinder it. And every CISO out there deserves a solution that provides true relief, not added stress. We are ecstatic about what Reynen Court is offering and that we get to be a part of accelerating the cybersecurity journey for the legal industry.”

About Secberus

Secberus ( is an adaptable security platform for your dynamic cloud. Manage your cloud security, development, compliance, operations and financial strategy with the cloud governance platform that includes an embedded CAPA and CARTA framework. Secberus enables you to assess, respond, adapt, and prevent cloud risk at enterprise scale.

About Reynen Court

Reynen Court LLC ( enables law firms and corporate legal departments to speed their adoption of AI and other new technologies. Our platform combines a solution store for legal technology with a powerful control panel that makes it easy to adopt and manage modern cloud-based software applications without having to trust firm or client content to the rapidly growing universe of vertically integrated SaaS providers. The platform also lets firms manage subscriptions and provisioning from one place and provides valuable telemetry and enhanced interoperability between and among third-party applications. Founded by serial Internet entrepreneur and former Cravath, Swaine and Moore associate Andrew D. Klein, Reynen Court is supported by a broad consortium of nineteen of the largest global law firms. Latham & Watkins, Clifford Chance and Orrick are also investors in the company. Clifford Chance and Latham & Watkins serve as co-chairs of the Reynen Court consortium. Paul Weiss serves as vice chair of the consortium.

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