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Okta configuration governance now GA with other data sources graduating from beta soon.

The Secberus cloud governance platform just graduated Okta configuration governance from Beta to GA. Users can now connect Okta to Secberus and all configuration metadata will be available in the data lake to be queried and converted to policies. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Alibaba Cloud, Digital Ocean, CloudFlare, Fastly, and CrowdStrike are still in beta, but will be released to GA soon. Secberus intends to release an SDK in 2024 so that partners and customers can build integrations for any configuration data source of their choosing.

Secberus can support any control you can create with and SQL query of the data lake, it only took SAP 24 controls to see an effect on their vulnerability management program by implementing something similar to Secberus. “99.6% of our open vulnerabilities were classified as “Informational” (instead of High, Medium or Low), indicating that they didn’t pose an immediate risk to be addressed. This percentage lined up directly with the compliance rates of our cloud network security controls enforced by these guardrails, ensuring that these vulnerabilities were not exposed to the internet (Read Joroen Thoden van Velzen’s Blog Post).” Image what impact you can have across not just cloud, but cloud and associated products (CDN, IDP, WAF, etc.).

If you are a Cloud Security Consultant, System Integrator, or Managed Security Provider and looking for a more effective way to deliver configuration governance and eliminate misconfiguration debt, then schedule a demo with us today! 

If you are an enterprise that wants results, we can help you find a delivery partner, or you can ask your delivery partner to contact us for special pricing.

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