Design, build, and deliver a maintainable cloud security posture.

Secberus is a multi-tenant cloud governance platform built on a data lake, making it easy to implement a cloud-agnostic security and compliance strategy, ensure controls are in place, and prevent any misconfiguration of cloud services. For all your clients.

Secberus is trusted by system integrators, cloud consultants, managed security services providers, and the companies they serve

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Ensure secure and compliant landing zones

data source agnostic governance platform

Benefits and capabilities

cog and settings

Case Study: Managing configuration security & compliance for 100s of customer clouds

Leverage the multi-tenant architecture and a robust organizational management functionality to ensure efficient servicing for all your clients.

Case Study: Building secure & compliant landing zones for migrations

Deliver value to clients during and after migrations, ensuring they can scale the established foundations.
compliant landing zones

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