Secberus is on a mission to eliminate cloud misconfigurations.

It’s pronounced sec-BEAR-us.

Secberus is derived from the joining of the words Security and Cerberus

Security: The number three is an important theme in cybersecurity
  • The three tenets of Information Security, know as the CIA triad, are confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • The three pillars of Cybersecurity are people, processes, and technology
Cerberus: In Greek mythology, the three-headed guard dog of Hades.
  • Cerberus was tamed and brought into the light by Heracles.
  • Heracles was tasked to do what was deemed impossible

Secberus is a team tasked with shedding light on the pillars of cybersecurity- through innovation, doing what other cybersecurity companies found to be impossible.


Alan Dumas
Alan Dumas
Chief Executive Officer
Everett Young
Everett Young
Co-Founder & COO/CFO
Jason Hensley
Jason Hensley
Chief Technology Officer

Our values are a point of pride, and we hope that we, our customers, our partners, and our employees will always hold us to them.


We reach our innovation goals by functioning as a community. A diverse community.

We believe that the more stories and perspectives you can draw on, the more robust and innovative you can be.

A community is a place of respect, integrity, accountability and perseverance, and also a place of fun and camaraderie, with everyone working towards a shared vision.


Innovation is about being obsessed with what could be.

It takes leaders who trust that one day their vision will become reality. And that means we lead through big statements and big actions.

A culture of innovation also requires a constant balance of curiosity and momentum. The goal has to be clear, even if the path is not. It’s for those of us who thrive in an environment of constant learning and collaboration—and who are ready, willing and able to make things infinitely better.

Sound like a team you want to grow with?