Build and Secure
Your Optimal Cloud

Use Secberus to get the full picture, by normalizing data from any data-source with an API for analysis of your rapidly changing cloud environments. Paired together with our user-friendly, customizable policy engine, you can govern your cloud as you see fit.

Governance for your Cloud Ecosystem

Cloud Provider Agnostic Governance

With Secberus’ data lakehouse approach to cloud governance, users can connect any cloud service provider as a configuration data source via API, query the data lakehouse to create custom security policies, or adjust out-of-the-box policies to meet their bespoke security intentions and map them all to regulatory requirements.

Policy Scalability & Accuracy

Eliminate false positive and false negative misconfiguration challenges with the ability to create custom policies to ensure bespoke and hardened controls are implemented across your multi-cloud environments, from the simple to the complex. Identify true misconfigurations and address them without waiting for the SOC to investigate risks.

Federated Risk Management

Ensure policies are applied to the right scopes by the architects in charge of defining controls, and, ensure the specific developer implementing a control knows when they are misconfiguring controls, how to fix them, and even prevent them. Secberus uses ABAC technology to identify user roles across cloud assets.

Our certifications

Federated Risk Management

Secberus offers a cutting edge organizational management and user management system, controlled by Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) via IDP integrations or the the user management feature, which spans the entirety of the functionality of the platform. This feature enables organizations (enterprise or white label versions of Secberus) to federate responsibilities and visibility in the platform. Users can build Customer ABAC/ RBAC policies in the platform and OpenID and SAML2.0 are supported for dynamic ABAC through SSO sync.

Workflow Engine

Robust workflow engine integrates with enterprise tools for alert management, remediation, reporting, and data export.


Out-of-the-box dashboards include Overview, Risk, and Compliance with robust filtering functionality down to the metadata of the ingested configuration data. All dashboards are custom to the user based on enabled ABAC & RBAC. Custom dashboards coming soon.


Generate security, compliance, inventory, or bespoke reports on any scope of the data lake from cloud data source, to specific resources, tags, or metadata limited to the ABAC & RBAC permissions of each user.

Policy Engine

The Secberus Policy Engine is fully decoupled from the resources allowing for a fully customizable SQL policy-as-code layer on top of the Data Lakehouse. All out-of-the-box policies are fully configurable and pre-mapped for regulatory compliances. Create custom frameworks & policies in SQL. 1-click mapping of custom security policies to regulatory requirements. Eliminates false positives & false negatives. Leverage the Data Lakehouse Explorer to query all configuration data in the Data Lakehouse for reporting, creating hardened control policies, etc. Policy management is controlled by ABAC & RBAC permissions. AI CoPilot coming soon.

Data Lakehouse

API-driven ingestion and data-source agnostic Data Lakehouse with multi-tenant capabilities. Fully queryable.

Configuration Data Sources

Cloud data-source agnostic ingestion through Secberus managed collectors for Public Cloud Service Providers (IaaS/PaaS/FaaS), Code Repositories (IaC), Identity Providers, Security SaaS, and Cloud SaaS. Read only configuration data ingestion. SDK coming soon.