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Cyber-IQ: Continuous Protection for Your Cloud Infrastructure

A simple and intelligent platform to visualize, monitor, and govern your multi-cloud attack surface.

Multi-Cloud Dashboard


SECBERUS Cyber-IQ proactively identifies security misconfigurations across your public cloud and generates detailed audit and remediation reports, while providing continuous monitoring from a unified dashboard.

Infrastructure Visualizer

✔ Assets/Resources real-time discovery & end-to-end visibility

✔ External network attack surface map

Multi-Cloud Governance

✔ Run one-click compliance audit reports against industry security standards/best practices

✔ Compliance security control mapping

Continuous Monitoring

✔ Identify software-defined security misconfigurations

✔ Real-time analysis of security posture to prevent data breaches before they occur

Customized Alerts

✔ Receive custom automated security alerts (SLACK, JIRA etc…)

✔ Guarantee effective posture repair via provided step-by-step remediation guides

How It Works


Our agent-less approach enables users to connect multiple cloud accounts in seconds by only providing an ARN (Amazon Resource Name) role.

SECBERUS’ Cyber-IQ leverages your public cloud API to access your software-defined configuration metadata, allowing you to run an end-to-end security analysis of all of your cloud resources.


Answers to your most frequently asked questions. 

What data does SECBERUS capture and how is it stored?

Secberus Cyber-IQ only has access to the metadata associated with your public cloud infrastructure via API.

For example, we recognize the amount of S3 Buckets, Instances and RDS resources. However, we cannot see the data/ applications associated with these resources.

Secberus Cyber-IQ retains metadata for active accounts for a 12-month period, at which point it is automatically deleted. If you chose to deactivate an account, all of your data is automatically deleted.

How is SECBERUS different from Trusted Advisors?

Trusted Advisor is a great starting point to identify best practice violations and cost saving techniques in your AWS account. However, Trusted Advisor is limited to 54 rules and doesn’t provide detailed, easy to follow resolution steps necessary to rectify the issues. If you have complex production workloads on AWS, you will need a comprehensive continuous assurance tool that covers more AWS services, such as SECBERUS.

How quickly can I get SECBERUS up and running?

A 14-day free trial is available to evaluate your Cyber-IQ audit. Once signed up and configured with your Amazon account information, which takes approximately 5 minutes, it will start providing actionable security and risk information within approximately 5 minutes.

How does SECBERUS access my AWS account?

Secberus Cyber-IQ accesses your account(s) using the Read-Only Security Audit access policy. Using this access policy, Cyber-IQ only has access to view your AWS account metadata. Cyber-IQ does not have access to read or write your data on your account. 

Do I need to install agents everywhere?

No. Secberus Cyber-IQ is agentless, nonintrusive, and does not modify or actively change any of your AWS deployment configurations.

Can I add a custom rule?

Yes. Secberus Cyber-IQ's built-in rule builder engine is designed to customize security policies that can fit your environment.

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