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Eliminate Alert Fatigue with Secberus Resource Tag Detection Feature

While every enterprise has a slightly different cloud journey, a consistent security challenge has emerged: alert fatigue. According to Forrester’s 2020 State of Security Operations study, a SOC team receives an average of 11,000 daily alerts. Nearly half of these alerts go uninvestigated due to SOC professionals being desensitized to the high volume of alerts. This obviously, and unfortunately, leaves your organization at risk.

Secberus resource detection feature utilizes your own resource tagging standards. This provides a powerful approach in eliminating alert fatigue. By leveraging this feature application owners have the ability to deliver accurate context, create targeted workflows and automation across your cloud environment. Our resource tag detection feature will streamline the process of identifying, prioritizing, and filtering alerts.

With our resource tag detection feature you receive:

Context – Leverage your resource and tagging strategy to receive and add relevant context to your configurations. This ensures every application owner has the right information at the right time to prioritize risk and make informed decisions.

Customization – Customize policies and use automated exceptions that leverage your tagging standards, so you can prioritize what matters most to the business.

Targeted Workflows – Build highly customizable workflows and automate and alert the process to inform application owners, BUs and other stakeholders with the messages that are most relevant to them.

Read more about alert fatigue here.

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