Security, development and compliance:
it’s all part of doing business.

But the cloud makes it much more complicated, so it’s no surprise that
enterprises are struggling to manage it at scale.

That’s where the Secberus platform comes in.

Unified governance
for the entire enterprise

The Secberus cloud governance platform uses customizable, extensible policy-as-code to unify and integrate your processes for the cloud. Connect, control, monitor and manage your cloud security, compliance, and operations with a single unified platform – and help your business adapt, scale, and thrive.

The Secberus Advantage


Connect your environments, and onboard in minutes.

Govern risk, operations, and compliance from pre-deployment to production, so you can remediate and prevent misconfigurations and gain visibility into your entire cloud infrastructure.


Create a policy baseline for risk, compliance and operations that’s tailored to your needs.

You can govern your multi-cloud presence across OUs, BUs or the entire enterprise by choosing out-of-the-box extensible policies or creating your own. Adjust your policies as your environment evolves to maintain a true baseline, while eliminating false positives and alert fatigue.


Enable compliance standard monitoring.

Dashboards give you continuous real-time insight into risk, operations, and compliance. Select out-of-the-box regulation frameworks or customize policies to build the framework you need to monitor required controls, or map them to custom policies. Start auditing and remediating your infrastructure immediately.


Create targeted workflows for remediation.

Leverage custom integrations to add rich context to your workflows. Adjust workflows as policies adapt to new business, security, and compliance requirements, and generate reports instantly.


Create and enforce one set of policies across all connected environments.

Save time and stay focused on what matters most by creating and automatically scaling policies that reflect the evolving needs and goals of your business.


Transform security into a business driver.

Achieve continuous innovation and development at the speed of business. When technical resources aren’t wasting time chasing false positives or clarifying policies, they can spend more time on revenue-driving activities.

Explore how Secberus helps you govern: