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How To Mitigate Cloud Risk with Security-as-code

Securing your cloud is a headache, and it is only getting more complex.

Governance is the solution to complex security, and allows risk leaders like you to shift from being reactive to being proactive by integrating both security-as-code and perspective into your strategy. Policy is the key component of cloud governance, connecting your business requirements to your desired risk outcomes. Security-as-code allows you to get the right message to and from the right people at the right time, providing the perspective people need to make confident decisions, despite complexity.

In this series you’ll hear:

–  Why cloud governance is the best way to manage cloud risk.

–  Why cloud governance must leverage security-as-code.

–  How to supply your executive team, board members and customers with real-time insight into your security posture

–  How cloud governance enables better collaboration and higher employee satisfaction.

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