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We're a team of spirited cybersecurity experts, entrepreneurs, and problem-solvers.

We’re headquartered in Miami, Florida, with employees across the US.

Oldrin Bataku

Staff Software Engineer

At Secberus, Oldrin focuses on building the scalable web of backend microservices. He studied biomedical and computer engineering, mathematics, physics, and chemistry at the University of Miami and has one cybersecurity patent.
Sham Kidane

Board Observer

Jonathan Jones

Software Engineer

Jonathan has spent the better part of his career working in backend systems engineering. He tends to prefer a chaotic learning environment. Outside of self-driven development projects, he loves auto-racing and can frequently be found driving in his simulator at home.
Geoff Clapp

Software Engineer

Geoff is an Operations, Security, and Software Engineer that has more than 5 years experience building and managing Security and Compliance programs. He is passionate about complex problems, and strives to develop multidisciplinary solutions. When he is not working, he enjoys programming synthesizers, cooking, and spending time with his family.
Adela Santos Photo
Adelayda Santos

Software Engineer

I studied Computer Science and I have more than 5 years of experience in software development. I indulge in challenges and problem solving and always put forth maximum effort in my work. I love dogs, going to the gym and traveling is my passion.
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Clarence Williams

Senior Software Engineer, Backend

I’m Clarence, everyone calls me CJ, and I enjoy spending time with my kids and all things science. I have 14+ years as a software engineer and another 8 years writing Serverless Code. I’m a big physics geek who enjoys reading about things like Quantum Physics and a big sci-fi movie buff.
Mark Sokol

Board Observer

David Bates
David Bates


Barbara Bibas Montero
Barbara Bibas-Montero


Callahan Ciriacks

Finance Manager

Callahan is actively involved in Finance, Operations, and Product and Market research. He holds a B.S. in Finance from the University of Miami and has one cybersecurity patent.
Audrey Coxford

Lead Product Designer

Audrey is a product design leader with 16 years of experience crafting user-centric digital products and experiences. She studied Digital Media Arts and CS at Michigan State University and is an avid traveler on a quest to visit every National Park.
Alan Dumas
Alan Dumas

CEO, Board Director

Alan is an industry veteran with 30+ years experience as a Founder, Investor and CEO. He comes from RNP Capital Advisors, an early-stage investor company focused on tech. Prior to that, Alan was the CEO of Red River, a technology transformation company. Alan has a passion for building great teams and accelerating growth.
Clifton Francis

Director of Software Engineering

Clifton leads product engineering (frontend/backend). He has eight years of industry experience and a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from SJSU. Prior to Secberus, he worked at Intel.
Yuri Frayman
Yuri Frayman

Board Member

Brandon Garner

Software Engineer

Brandon has experience in engineering, QA, and DevOps. He has a B.S. in IT from Nova Southeastern University and served in the United States Air Force. He enjoys playing and creating video games as well as reading.
Jason Hensley


Jason has more than 20 years of engineering and leadership experience in the tech sector, and has one cybersecurity patent. Prior to Secberus, he led engineering teams at security company Akamai and the e-commerce company Chewy.
Eduardo Iglesias

Software Engineer

Eduardo has experience building full-stack applications in a variety of languages and frameworks. He earned a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Florida. In his free time, he enjoys listening to the Beatles.
Helen Kobzeva

VP, Sales & Channels

Helen has more than 20 years of experience leading enterprise and channel sales, business development, and support services. Prior to Secberus, she was VP of Channels at Zenedge and Head of Channels and Partnerships at Oracle.
FaustoLendeborgHeadshot (3) (4)
Fausto Lendeborg

Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer, Board Member

Fausto has more than 12 years of experience in cybersecurity and two cybersecurity patents. Prior to Secberus, he was co-founder and SVP of security at Zenedge and employee 14 at Prolexic, acquired by Akamai.
Cole Marsteller

Staff Software Engineer

Cole is a Florida Gulf Coast-born software engineer and avid adventurer. He has a B.S. Comp. Sci. from UCF and an AA Comp. Sci from Valencia College. He worked at several startups and tech companies before joining Secberus as a software engineer.
Elmo Mecsko

Head of Recruiting

With almost 10 years of recruiting experience for high-tech companies, Elmo works to build strong teams with a focus on diversity and inclusion. In his spare time, he is an avid rock climber.
Karen Morad

Head of Marketing

With more than 15 years of marketing experience, Karen understands how to bring a story to market. Couple that with industry experience and customer-focus and you have a powerful, well-rounded strategy with bottom line results.
Yehuda Neuberger

Board Member

Arjun Ohri
Arjun Ohri


Othneil Drew

Front-end Software Engineer

Othneil has more than 7 years of diverse leadership and software development experience. He has a broad understanding of product lifecycle management, focusing on application design, support and integration. His background is in the aerospace industry and he has worked on large projects involving XPlane and NASA’s MISSE platform. Othneil holds a pilot license and enjoys flying as well as working with IoT for fun.
Miklos Petravich

Chief Product Officer

Miklos is a self-taught designer with 20 years of industry experience. He has designed multiple DevOps and Cloud products. Miklos’ goal is to ensure that we deliver exceptional content and usability.
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Duncan Pierce

Senior Frontend Engineer

Duncan is passionate about tech-savvy brands. With a business background, he chose the route of software and specializes in UI/UX and front end. He also loves to bike, 3-D print, cook, game, and design circuits.
Hana Pinsker

Product Marketing Specialist

Hana earned her M.A. in Marketing at the University of Lugano. Before joining Secberus, she worked for a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland. Outside of work, Hana enjoys traveling, reading, and exploring California.
Terry Pyatt

Solution Engineer

Terry has more than 10 years of combined sales engineering and IT management experience. He is an accomplished, results-oriented Solution Engineer with a proven ability to generate revenue through prospecting, customer relationship management, negotiations, and selling strategies. In his free time he’s an avid RC/Food enthusiast.
Felix Rodriguez

Principal Software Engineer

Felix has more than 10 years of experience with every aspect of the software development lifecycle. Prior to Secberus, he designed large-scale multi-account network infrastructures at Chewy.
Sherry Ryan

Board Member

Angelo Santana
Angelo Santana

Software Engineer

Angelo is employee #1 at Secberus—the first employee Secberus hired. He started as a Security QA engineer and created the first security and compliance for Secberus for the major cloud providers we support today. Angelo joined the platform engineering team in 2020.
Tiffany Smith

Cloud Security Research Analyst

Tiffany has more than 8 years of cybersecurity experience. She has held numerous positions in this field, including Security Operations Analyst, Insider Threat Analyst, and Security Engineer for fortune 500 companies JP Morgan Chase and Verizon. She enjoys playing chess, listening to music, and watching reality TV in her spare time.
Ben Stanley
Ben Stanley

QA Engineering Manager

Ben has more than 13 years of quality assurance, process improvement implementation and testing experience. He enjoys breaking things and has great attention to detail, which he honed during his time in the Marine Corps. In his free time, Ben enjoys all the things his sons do – goo jitsu heroes, nerf gun battles and swimming.
Everett Young

Co-Founder & CFO/COO, Board Member

Everett has more than 10 years of experience leading and working with tech startups, and one cybersecurity patent. He was the founder of data startup Ichampsports and has held leadership and mentoring roles in accelerators.

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