Operations & Development

Organize and govern your cloud infrastructure.

You want to:

Organize applications, cloud accounts, resources and teams based on specific business criteria (regulatory compliance, business units, integrations, etc.) within your governance solution (including CSPM functionality).
Ensure that the specified organizational criteria comes from tags in the cloud environments that you have already created.

You've tried:

Hiring at least one additional engineering team to manually and continuously search for cloud resource tags, then assign tagged resources to specific OUs in your CSPM.
Having engineers create custom scripts to add cloud environments and resources to appropriate account groups in the CSPM.

With Secberus you can:

Govern your public cloud infrastructure with policies based on tags, business units, applications, clouds or a bespoke organizational configuration.
Ensure that the security or operational controls and compliance frameworks you need are in place.

Stop complicating cloud security.

Get started with Secberus today.