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Minimize alert fatigue and get the most from advanced workflow capabilities

You want to:

Minimize alert fatigue. Some industry benchmarks estimate that the average enterprise spends 1 business day on triage for every 32 alerts – and enterprises can easily surpass 500 alerts per day.

You've tried:

Hiring more people to do triage.
Investing in products that offer post-alert triage, but create a scenario where the policy doesn’t match the response, so baseline policies are not a true indicator of intent.
Ignoring the growing number of alerts while trying to find the needles in the haystack that create the highest risk.

With Secberus you can:

Ensure that your policies are CARTA enabled (Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment), defined by the business, and free of false positives.
Get an accurate baseline and an end to alert fatigue, and get the right violations to the right people.

Stop complicating cloud security.

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