Security & Compliance

Get real-time compliance reporting.

You want to:

Be able to share in-scope regulatory compliance reports with the compliance team when they request them.

You've tried:

Exporting CSPM data in CSV format, then using Excel to filter in-scope resources and map them to regulatory compliance requirements, then sending them to the team requesting the report. High rates of false-positives render the reports inaccurate unless the team investigates each alert in the report—which renders the report out-of-date.

With Secberus you can:

Get your required compliance audits in real time—any time. Secberus monitors compliance to help the business consistently and continuously maintain its compliance-required controls.
Use your tagging strategy to get customized reports.
Map any compliance framework to custom or out-of-the-box policies, enabling the business to customize its strategy without complicating the compliance process.

Stop complicating cloud security.

Get started with Secberus today.