Operations & Development

Define and globally manage policy that reflects the specific needs of your business.

You want to:

Define a global cloud security strategy that may contain dozens to hundreds of custom policies.
Apply this strategy to specific OUs, applications, and environments in order to monitor and manage drift from intended baseline security configurations.

You've tried:

Working with highly limited policy customization, such as adjusting each policy’s risk appetite score or granularity only to a specific OU or cloud environment—limitations that contribute to a high false-positive alert rate and longer median time to remediate (MTTR) because you must do triage.
Third-party tools and custom scripts to manage alerts.
Choosing between speed of delivery and security.

With Secberus you can:

Customize policies directly on our platform and apply policies across data sources connected to the platform.
Configure policies to support exceptions, read tags, and more.
Adjust policies to risk and completely align policies with the business.
Almost completely eliminate false positives.

Stop complicating cloud security.

Get started with Secberus today.