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Secberus now integrates with Splunk.


Secberus and Splunk – a perfect pair.

Secberus now integrates with Splunk. Secberus customers now have the ability to configure an outgoing integration to stream their Secberus account activity log data to an installation of Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud Platform. A few other things you’ll want to know:  

  • The integration uses HTTP Event Collector (HEC) to send data and application events to a Splunk deployment over the HTTP and Secure HTTP (HTTPS) protocols. HEC uses a token-based authentication model.
  • The integration can only be created/edited by users with the Account owner role.
  • The Splunk integration is always on and account-wide, so only needs to be set up one time.

It is best practice to import all system and platform logs into a centralized location for processing.  And we realize our customers use Splunk to accomplish this in their environment.  We’re excited to add Splunk to our growing list of integrations.

Secberus third party integrations


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