SECBERUS’ CARTA-driven CSPM for enterprise exits from stealth with $6.6M in funding.

Secberus announced today that it was coming out of stealth mode with its enterprise CARTA-Driven CSPM as well as the completion of the latest round of investment, bringing the total funding to $6.6 million. Major investors include Monitor Capital Group, Florida Funders, TA Ventures, Trisib Capital Partners, RNP Capital, PlugandPlay Ventures, Amadeus Capital Partners, CyLon, and other notable Angel Investors.

«The investment round is meant to accelerate R&D and move towards having a generally available product both with direct customers and through Secberus’ reseller partners. Close collaboration with the latter is planned in order to bring the product to market»
— Fausto Lendeborg, CEO & Co-Founder of Secberus 

Secberus is the only cloud security posture management platform (CSPM) with an embedded continuous adaptive risk & trust assessment (CARTA) framework. The company’s patented technology enables Cloud Security Architects to implement continuously adaptable risk-based policies and workflows to govern infrastructure configuration at the speed and scale of the modern enterprise. According to Gartner, this innovative approach can reduce the risk of cloud breaches by 80%.

The modern enterprise has a complex and dynamic infrastructure with changes across multitudes of environments and code-repositories. Improving risk posture and managing an ever-growing list of compliance regulations is paramount to the secure use of the cloud. Existing solutions couldn’t address the core problem, nor the challenges faced by Cloud Security Architects; Fausto, his team, and his investors saw a market opportunity.

«Our first meeting with Fausto was scheduled for 30 minutes. We ended up talking for nearly four hours as we delved into his unique understanding of the enterprise security problem that his customers were facing, and the incredibly ambitious vision that he laid out for the future of the SECBERUS Platform. As investors, we have our eyes on those changing the security landscape.»
— Yuri Frayman, Monitor Capital

Over the course of two years of R&D, Secberus’ innovative platform has been supported by the CyLon Accelerator (cohort 7) and the Endeavor ScaleUp Program (2019); received the Plug and Play People’s Choice Award (2019); and was chosen as Plug and Play Cyber Member in 2019 and again in 2020.

About Secberus

Founded in 2018, Secberus has a mission of delivering confidence in the cloud to enterprises. The company helps companies implement a Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA) strategy, letting them leverage the cloud securely. Secberus is the only CSPM that allows for the end-to-end implementation of CARTA into the GRC of the modern enterprise.

The Board of Directors: Fausto Lendeborg (founder), Everett Young (founder), Yuri Frayman (Investor) with Ryan Whittemore as Board Observer (Investor).

Notable Advisors to the Company: Alan Dumas, Barbara Bibas Montero, David Bates, Arjun Ohri.

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