Secberus has just announced a significant milestone: the graduation of Cloudflare configuration governance from Beta to General Availability (GA). This move marks a pivotal moment for users, who can now seamlessly connect Cloudflare to Secberus and harness the power of the platform to govern the configurations of their integrated cloud stack, from Cloud Service Provider to Identity Provider to Content Delivery Network.

What does this mean for users? It means that all configuration metadata from Cloudflare is now readily available for querying and conversion into policies. This data can be effortlessly accessed and analyzed alongside other data sources through Secberus’ data explorer feature. Users have the flexibility to query, create views, and perform joins across their data using SQL, empowering them to derive valuable insights, meet their security intent, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

One of the key highlights of this update is the ability for users to map their proprietary ‘cross-data source’ configuration policies to specific regulatory compliance standards and automate the monitoring, reporting, and violation orchestration. This ensures that organizations can align their cloud configurations with industry regulations, reducing the risk of compliance violations and fines.

While Cloudflare configuration governance has reached GA, Secberus continues to innovate and expand its capabilities. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Alibaba Cloud, Digital Ocean, Fastly, and CrowdStrike are currently in beta testing and are slated for release to GA in the near future. This ongoing development underscores Secberus’ commitment to providing comprehensive coverage across various cloud platforms.

Looking ahead, Secberus has ambitious plans for 2024. The company intends to release a Software Development Kit (SDK) that will enable partners and customers to build integrations for any data source of their choosing. This move will further enhance the platform’s versatility and extend its reach, allowing organizations to leverage Secberus in conjunction with ALL of their existing tools and workflows. And, it will also enable users to leverage the platform for use cases beyond governance. At its core, Secberus is a data lakehouse designed to handle highly contextual data and facilitate innovative analysis. The platform excels at processing rapidly changing data, delivering immediate insights, and triggering proactive actions.

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