Attribute-based access control (ABAC) in Secberus

Introducing ABAC Attribute-based access control (ABAC) is an access control method that evaluates characteristics called “attributes,” such as assigned users, objects, or sets of policies to determine access. It’s well-known that ABAC provides more flexibility and agility to access control. The White House recently released a memorandum recommending ABAC be a part of the zero […]

How to Increase your Enterprise Cloud Security Maturity with Fausto Lendeborg

Hear how Secberus Co-Founder and CCO, Fausto Lendeborg talks about How to increase your enterprise cloud security model in the Risk Management Show with Boris Agranovich. Topics covered include: ➡️ Importance of a risk-based approach ➡️ Federated risk to the right owner ➡️ Reducing time for fraud investigations 

Cloud Security Governance, with Fausto Lendeborg

Thanks to Mark Shriner from SecureTalk, one of the most popular podcasts in cybersecurity for speaking with Secberus. Topics covered include: ➡️ Cloud Governance and concepts ➡️ Policy-as-Code ➡️ Importance of scaling multi-cloud environments.   credit – Secure Talk – Cybersecurity, Cryptocurrency & More · Cloud Security Governance with Fausto Lendeborg, CEO of Secberus