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Here, you can explore our knowledgeable team’s latest thought leadership on cloud governance and more.

Insights & Thought Leadership

Deep thoughts on cloud security, governance, and more.


This is for all the Cloud Security Architects, CISOs and Security Leaders out there looking to build a business-first cloud security practice. This guide will provide you with:

  1. Deeper understanding of how cloud governance addresses risk.
  2. Expanded knowledge of the role of Policy-as-Code, automation, and scalability in cloud governance.
  3. Insight into the economics and business considerations of governing cloud risk.
  4. Insight into how the cloud affects security and compliance best practices, teams, and culture.

Security has always been complex, but the speed and volume of the cloud has made it exponentially more so.

To deal with this complexity, organizations typically break down security challenges into multiple pieces…

The Secberus platform provides an accurate and up-to-date assessment of your cloud environment’s compliance status–anytime you need it.

This asset highlights three ways we think people, process and technology come to life.

Whether it’s development, operations, risk, compliance, management–or all of the above. We’ve got you covered.

Discover how Secberus helping a leading healthcare company manage and scale cloud security.

The Secberus Blog

Explore our articles on managing enterprise cloud risk & understanding the latest trends.


When it comes to governing risk (specifically when remediating cloud infrastructure misconfigurations) there are three common goals we hear from security leaders:   Understand your security and compliance postures at any given time within minutes, not days. Automate and scale security across all cloud environments. Eliminate frustration and reduce the time to prioritize and remediate...
There are clear advantages for all businesses that adopt cloud technology. Achieving data mobility and transparency is an effective way...
With a name like, Cloud Security Maturity Model, you may be one of the CISOs who think:  Sounds like a...
Cloud adoption is accelerating worldwide. Enterprises require adaptable policies that can rapidly scale to satisfy ever-changing business requirements and security...
The cloud has changed how enterprises operate today. It has allowed companies to more easily store and share data. And...


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See our governance platform in action

What’s new in Secberus – February 2023 Product release notes


Secberus now integrates with Splunk.

Secberus enhances visibility into the data collection process, giving customers near real time assurance of data source and policy posture.

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What’s new in Secberus

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Secberus appoints a new CEO, Alan Dumas, to accelerate company growth.

Understand. Automate. Eliminate. How to manage cloud infrastructure risk today.

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Secberus supports Hashicorp Terraform

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The three pillars of a CARTA-enabled CSPM strategy

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Your enterprise cloud risk management cheat sheet

Eliminate Alert Fatigue with Secberus Resource Tag Detection Feature

What if on-prem cloud strategy relied on policy-as-code rather than taking inventory?

What if we saw an end to alert fatigue?

Security as code is the future to governing risk.

Secberus Joins Cloud Security Alliance

Healthcare and the Cloud: a conversation with GSK and Secberus on how to build best-in-breed security architecture.

Oldrin Bataku takes first place in the 2021 US Cyber Challenge Cyber Camp.

Secberus launches industry’s only policy-first security enterprise governance platform on Reynen Court Solution Store

SECBERUS’ CARTA-driven CSPM for enterprise exits from stealth with $6.6M in funding.

SECBERUS Expands Operations to Silicon Valley, Delivering Confidence in the Cloud to Enterprises

SECBERUS selected as Endeavor Miami ScaleUp Program startup

Cybersecurity CTO Fausto Lendeborg accepted to CyLon Accelerator