The Secberus advantage

Secberus lets you create accurate policies and detect and manage misconfigurations in your cloud infrastructure at scale.

Create policies that reflect the needs of your business.

Accurately detect violations of policies at scale, in real time, across your cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Eliminate false positives.

Accelerate MTTD and MTTR.

See your compliance posture in real time.

504 policies out of the box, which are also fully customizable.

Build workflows for remediating and reporting that will integrate with most common enterprise tools.

11 frameworks out of the box.

Unblock development.

Fully federate governance with ABAC, RBAC, organizational management and workflows to enable risk distribution, optimize alerting, and manage remediation workflow at scale.

Define and See cloud infrastructure misconfigurations, and manage them at scale.

Secberus lets you centrally define policies and manage them at scale, across your entire cloud infrastructure. The business can customize policies to reflect business goals, and you can demonstrate to leadership that you have the controls in place in all of your cloud environments to meet mandatory requirements.

Set IaaS security and compliance policies for each business unit, cloud, region, application, or any other scope. Ensure accurate and relevant reporting and faster MTTD and MTTR for each scope.

Prioritize and Respond Quickly to Cloud Infrastructure Drift.

With Secberus, you can adjust your policies to ensure that the configuration violations Secberus detects are accurate. This capability eliminates false positives and reduces alert fatigue for your technical teams.

Secberus uses both time-based scanning and event-based targeted data collection to evaluate all changes in your cloud infrastructure for misconfigurations, based on your policies.

Enable Risk Distribution: Manage remediation at scale with federated risk management.

Optimize how you manage alerts and your remediation workflow. Spearhead better MTTR to support your CISO’s goals. Deploy without friction to minimize your team’s tool fatigue and keep your CTO happy. And minimize alert fatigue while getting the most from advanced workflow capabilities.

Our Federated Risk Management approach centralizes policy definition and management. Define configuration policy according to the needs of the business, and benefit from alert management at scale. You set your intention once and maintain that intent when you add more data sources. This capability lets you lower MTTR and MTTD.

Stop complicating cloud security.
Get started with Secberus today.

Federated Risk Management

Our Federated Risk Management approach allows you to define configuration policy according to the needs of the business and benefit from alert management controlled by Attribute-based Access Control via IDP integration or the user management feature. All at scale.

Workflow Engine

Use any cloud data or cloud resource available to you to create highly customized workflows using any of your ticketing or alerting solutions you have in place (Jira, Slack Pagerduty, etc).


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Overview Dashboard
Provides a bird’s eye view of your risk and compliance posture in your cloud. Designed to give you an overview of your cloud accounts and compliance framework in one place.

Risk Dashboard
Displays risk and violations, allowing users to take informed action.

Compliance Dashboard
Helps you understand your Regulatory Compliance and security best practices compliance postures and prioritize remediation, with the goal of meeting all required compliance standards.

Insight Capabilities

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Secberus logs events in the Secberus platform that are relevant to you, and retrieves those events when you need them, for example, to determine whether data was collected as expected, or other types of insights.

Calculated Risk
Our proprietary risk calculation technology assigns a level of risk or urgency to each violation based on a range of parameters, to help you prioritize which violations to remediate first.

Effectively “manage upwards” by having the insight you need to understand your risk posture at any time, from any perspective, and report on it as necessary. You can leverage our API and/or filter function to see the data that is most pertinent to you.

State-of-the-Art Policy Execution Engine

Our policy execution process applies policy logic to data, typically as a cloud resource configuration. Policy logic is expressed as a scrip or code in REGO language (policy-as-code). The policy includes the resource type it applies to and the logic and parameters to determine whether the resource in question is passing or violating.

Policy Details / Violation View
Displays violation details to give you the information you need to adjust baselines and remediate as necessary (ie. edit policy, manage exceptions, etc.).

Policy Management

Coverage Management
Allows you to easily manage which data sources should be covered by a policy.

Custom Policies
Allows you to create new policies or customize existing ones.

Category Management
Allows you to manage policy categories, for added context and easier reporting.

Data Lake

Multi tenant capabilities, supports structured and unstructured data.

Cloud Service Providers

Agentless data source connections managed by Secberus covering multi-cloud, pre-deployment, IDPs, and 3rd Party Security Applications including threat intelligence.

Cloud Repositories

Identity Providers