Product / Solution

Secberus delivers what CSPM solutions have been missing.

Secberus allows you to customize policies to ensure they’re right for your business and scale that customization across the organization for faster, more accurate insight into misconfiguration risk. 

While many tools that offer Cloud Security Posture Management provide the CSPM functionality companies need to detect and remediate misconfigurations, few address the issue of policy accuracy. The end result is false-positives and alert fatigue, which slows MTTD and MTTR and adds to the challenges—and frustrations—that enterprise Security and DevOps teams face.

For the Cloud Security Architect

For the CISO

Demonstrate to leadership that you have the controls in place in all of your cloud environments to meet mandatory requirements.

Set IaaS (pre-deployment and production) security and compliance policies for each business unit, cloud, region, application, or any other scope.

Ensure accurate and relevant reporting.

Improve MTTD and MTTR.

Stop complicating cloud security.
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