When it comes to managing security, speed is of the essence.

Secberus gives you risk detection in real time across all of your environments, from projects in the pipeline to production all the way through pre-deployment. And it gives you a governance platform that ensures every stakeholder has the context they need to communicate the right information to the right person at the right time.

Understand your risk posture at any time, from any perspective—data source, application, tags, and more.

Fully align your governance strategy and policies so that your baseline and any deviation from the baseline are 100% accurate and available in real time for any cloud or multi-cloud segment.

Optimize how you manage alerts and your remediation workflow.

Manage your cloud posture with
fewer third-party tools.

Stop relying on third-party tools because our cloud governance platform lets you manage your cloud posture independently of them.

Detect misconfigurations as close to real time as possible.

Explore how Secberus helps you govern: