The Secberus overview dashboard provides you with complete visibility and confidence into your cloud environment at a glance. With the overview dashboard, you can easily view your security posture, identify key issues, and quickly identify areas of high risk. Additionally, you can monitor adherence to cloud security best practices by viewing your compliance summary.


The overview dashboard consists of the following sections:

Key Performance Indicators 

This section shows you a complete overview of your cloud environment security posture, and how it is performing over time. These metrics allow you to see if your security posture is improving and why changes may have occurred.

Data Sources

See all your cloud subscriptions and accounts that we are continuously monitoring in order to identify misconfigurations. 


See all your compliance summary of each compliance framework that is deemed important for your organization. Users can click on each framework to get a better understanding of their compliance status. 

Top Risk by Data Sources

See all your data sources that have the highest risk within the business unit.

Top Risk by Policy

See all your policies that have the highest risk within the business unit.


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